How To Set Your Board Members Up for Fundraising Success

In this week's Hey Fundraiser! episode, Mary Hackett discusses the importance of creating an effective fundraising board and how to engage board members based on their unique profiles. She highlights common mistakes organizations make with board members and provides strategies for deploying them strategically.

Mary introduces the four board member profiles: connectors, storytellers, visionaries, and closers. She explains how to engage each profile and offers an audit tool to assess the composition of your board. By understanding and leveraging the strengths of board members, organizations can maximize their fundraising efforts.

Episode Takeaways

  • Board members should be strategically deployed based on their unique profiles and strengths.
  • Common mistakes organizations make with board members include assuming they know how to raise money and expecting them to be full-time major gift officers.
  • The four board member profiles are connectors, storytellers, visionaries, and closers.
  • Engaging board members based on their profiles can lead to more effective fundraising efforts.
  • Assessing the composition of your board and recruiting the right personas can strengthen your fundraising board.

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Episode Chapters
00:00 Introduction: The Importance of an Effective Fundraising Board
02:26 Strategically Deploying Board Members
03:25 Common Mistakes Organizations Make with Board Members
08:41 Effective Strategies for Engaging Board Members
11:30 The Four Board Member Profiles
19:23 Engaging Board Members Based on Their Profiles
26:34 Conclusion: Deploying Board Members for Success