On The Podcast | Ep. 2 Fundraising Reports Do's and Don'ts

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Fundraising Reports for Podcast

Hey Fundraiser!
Today on episode two of the podcast we are talking all about
Fundraising Reports: Do's and Don'ts

In this episode we are exploring how to maximize your fundraising reports so that the right information is going to the right audience. Once you release a report, the cat is out of the bag, and the people who are reading your fundraising reports are going to make assumptions and act upon the data you've given them. Let's talk through all the do's and don'ts when it comes to presenting how your fundraising efforts are faring!

  • The three big mistakes when producing and presenting fundraising reports
  • The four audiences you have when presenting reports and how each audience needs different information
  • The content you need in your fundraising reports 

 Quotes From This Episode
"When too much information is provided, your audiences go into analysis paralysis and they don't know what to react to or how they can help you."

"The best thing you can do is understand your four audiences and provide actionable information for each audience."
"Without trend data, the reader doesn’t know if the results are good or bad."
"Your board needs to understand the landscape and how it’s changing, plug in where they know how to, and assist you in meeting your goals."
"Your leadership needs to understand the landscape, manage the team, and help you strategize. "
"All your fundraising reports should be automated. I care about your sanity and although we’ve listed a lot of different reports, all of these should take no more than one hour to produce for all three audiences."




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