On The Podcast | Ep. 3 Five KPIs For Major Gift Officers

major gift officers podcast shownotes Feb 10, 2023

Hey Fundraiser!
Today on episode two of the podcast we are talking all about 
Five KPIs for Major Gift Officers

KPIs are the measurements of success for your major gift officers. That's why choosing the right KPIs is critical. Peter Drucker wisely said, "what gets measured, matters." And he's right! Whatever metrics you put into place for your major gift officers will become their focus. If you are measuring the wrong things, your major gift officers will begin focusing on the wrong activities. Make sure your KPIs are donor-facing, include solicitations, and that most of the portfolio is being cultivated. They should be easy to measure and not tie your major gift officers to their desks. Major gift officers should spend minimal time on data entry but just enough to measure the KPIs.

  • What are KPIs
  • Why are KPIs for your Major Gift Officers important
  • How to track KPIs in your database
  • The best 5 KPIs for your Major Gift Officers
  • How often you should review your KPIs
Want to download our 5 KPIs and other helpful hints for measuring success?
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Powerful Quotes From Episode 3:
  • The success of your major gift officers can make or break your ability to deliver your mission. Don’t have them working on the wrong things.
  • A vanity metric is a metric or measurement that might make you look good but doesn’t help you act, provide direction, or understand the real story of your fundraising.
  • Timely, holistic reporting on the metrics is important because, at any given time, your major gift officers should know where they are with the five metrics.
  • By design, the KPIs we're talking about today are easy to measure, take minimal gift entry, and do not eat into major gift officers' time to fundraise.


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