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Are you setting your fundraisers up for success? This audit will show you all the gaps in your fundraising efforts.

We’ll walk you through the 15 elements you need for a thriving, sustainable fundraising program. If you are looking to foster an environment that supports successful fundraising, loyal donors, and a sophisticated donor experience, this webinar is for you! With our printable audit, we’ll walk you through the 15 elements and you can score your program against best practice. At the end of this webinar, you’ll know exactly what areas of your program need attention.

  • Assess your development efforts and know exactly where energy is needed to build a sustainable, thriving fundraising program
  • Understand how your development shop compares to best practice in the 15 areas of fundraising
  • Gauge your ability to grow loyal donors, support successful fundraisers, and curate a sophisticated donor experience
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Fall back in love with your fundraising database. How to diagnose and fix your CRM.

Let’s fix your fundraising database once and for all! Your CRM is one of the best tools in your fundraising toolkit. If it is a hot mess, it’s holding you back in your fundraising efforts. This webinar will teach you our tried and true 3-step process that has helped us clean up more than 500 databases and keep them clean.

  • Diagnose your database in four areas: overall database health, gift entry and pledge management, constituent tracking and management, database utilization
  • Understand what is going well and exactly what needs attention in your database
  • Master the art of writing database standards and how to engage the team so there’s buy in

Data-driven fundraising decisions: Are your metrics and reporting helping you raise money?

Oftentimes fundraisers are measured on the wrong things or are receiving data that doesn’t drive action. If you’re in either of these situations, we’re here to help! This webinar will give you key performance indicators for every position in your development shop. We’ll also share with you our most power-packed reports that drive revenue and the right actions.

  • Compare your fundraising metrics to best practice to make sure you’re measuring the right things

  • Understand the three main audiences for reports and what information is most useful for each audience

  • Distinguish between reporting that drives action and that isn’t helpful


Stop Chasing Whales: How qualification can help you pursue the right prospects

Wealth screening can send us off chasing prospects that have high capacity but no affinity for our mission. This is wasted time!  Qualification is one of the most important phases in moves management but it is often overlooked. We tend to be transfixed by capacity and pay little attention to affinity. The only prospects you should pursue are ones with both affinity and capacity. We’ll unpack how to properly qualify your prospects so you are being selective on who you spend your precious time on. 

  • Know how to identify prospects with high affinity within your donor database and pair them with capacity
  • Learn how to uncover the right prospects through discovery calls and meetings
  • Get trained on the 8 questions to ask when qualifying prospects

Are you pursuing the right major gift prospects? What your major gift portfolio should look like.


Too often we find that major gift officers are pursuing the wrong people, for the wrong program, at the wrong time, and for the wrong amount. The key is to build your best portfolio! We’ll teach you all our tips and tricks for the perfect portfolio composition and how to make the right moves to gracefully add and remove prospects from your portfolio.

  • Grasp when to keep people in your portfolio and when to bless and release prospects
  • Understand the perfect portfolio composition for your fundraising shop
  • Ascertain the best practices for how many prospects should be in your portfolio and how often you should be in contact with them



Understanding the donor journey: Mapping out how your donors experience your organization

It's often surprising what we glean when we map out all of the ways we’re in touch with our donors at different levels. Are you asking too much or too little? Are you properly communicating your impact? We’ll provide you with a tool that will help you understand all the touchpoints and if donors are bombarded with conflicting messages about your organization.

  • Understand the complete picture of how donors experience your organization
  • Be able to course-correct your communications and balance how often, when, and what donors receive
  • Articulate what the donor experience is for every giving level

Are you setting your board members up to fail in their fundraising efforts? The right way to Engage Your Board in Fundraising.

Our board members aren’t full time fundraisers, yet we expect them to understand all the ins and outs of cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.Then we are upset when they can’t deliver. In this webinar, we’re going to look at the four ways that we can engage our board members and set them up for fundraising success. Our scorecard will help you assess each board member based on their individual skills and gifts and deploy them in the highest and best use.

  • Understand the 4 board member profiles and how each profile can assist you in raising funds
  • Utilize our assessment tool to assess each board member and which profile(s) they represent
  • Understand your board composition when it comes to fundraising and recruit board members that fill any gaps



How to Build Your Achievable, Proactive, and Nimble Fundraising Plan for 2024.

Those with a plan win! It’s so important to be proactive in your fundraising efforts so that you’re not building strategy and tactics on the fly. This is your chance to put a stake in the ground and build your perfect plan for 2024. We’ll show you all the ins and outs of building the plan, sticking to it, and what to do when life throws you a curve-ball.

  • Know the basics of your fundraising plan and receive our planning tool that will keep you on track all year long
  • Understand how to use data to build an achievable plan for all areas of fundraising
  • Be able to build your plan with milestones, goals, strategies, tactics, and timelines

The 8 Most impactful ways to Cultivate: Create deep, meaningful relationships with your donors

Cultivation is the backbone of any major gifts program. Donors want to make change in the world, just as nonprofits do. The stronger, tighter, and more strategic your cultivation tactics are, the deeper relationships you’ll have with donors, the quicker you can ask for a gift, and the better chances of getting a major gift. You’ll learn the 8 best practice ways to cultivate your prospects so you can solicit with confidence.

  • Understand the difference between cultivation and stewardship efforts
  • Learn the 8 ways to cultivate so you can build deep, long-lasting relationships with donors and prospects
  • Know the must-have 15 cultivation questions that will give you the roadmap of how to solicit the prospect

The Perfect Site Tour: how to deliver and delight your donors.

There is nothing that can compare to a well-thought-out, curated experience of your organization. The perfect site tour can take occasional, sporadic donors to loyal, raving fans. We’re going to show you all the elements of the perfect site tour -- from how to engage program experts to what thoughtful questions to ask the prospect/donor to what the donor should leave with. We’re going to go through every single detail that will make your site tour unforgettable.

  • Map out the perfect site tour for your organization
  • Understand when to engage program staff, program beneficiaries, and board members
  • Learn how to make your site tour unforgettable and turn your donors into lifelong fans

Unforgettable Impact: How to produce transformational impact statements.

When donors understand the impact of their gifts, they renew and upgrade their giving. If you are looking to either start impact reporting or level-up your current reports, this webinar is for you! We’ll cover all the ins and outs of what makes up a perfect impact statement that helps the donor feel amazing because they supported the impact and also set them up for their next gift.

  • Understand how impact reporting can increase your donor retention rate
  • Learn the elements of an unforgettable impact report
  • Be able to distinguish between outputs and outcomes and when to use each

Setting Yourself up for Success in 2024.

Let’s take a moment to set you up for success next year. You only have so much time in the day, and the best thing you can focus on is fundraising. In this webinar, we’ll do a time allocation study to uncover where you are spending your time and if you’re spending your time on the right things. Then, we’ll talk through how to eliminate meetings and tasks from your list that aren’t relevant to fundraising. We’ll also look at time-saving tips and tricks so that you can spend more time doing what you love: fundraising!

  • Understand how you spend your work day
  • Pinpoint the items that shouldn’t be on your to-do list and what should be
  • Protect your fundraising time by saying “no” to things that aren’t related to fundraising



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